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Vena is excellent! Dr. Cardone and staff do great work. They are very professional and also very entertaining.
Appointments seem to fly by, and the results are wonderful. My only regret is that I didnt go sooner.
Im officially able to wear shorts and flip flops now that my leg and foot look normal. — Jason

I went to Vena for laser hair removal and sclerotherapy and both experiences were great! Dr. Cardone, Rachel, and
all the staff were wonderful and very professional. They made a painful procedure fun, easy, and quick! Dr. Cardone
makes you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole sclerotherapy session. I highly recommend Vena! — M.S

Dr. Cardone is extremely knowledgeable while being down-to-earth. He explained every procedure in great detail without
being condescending or overly academic. Dr. Cardone also has a great sense of humor, creating a cheerful energy
throughout the whole staff. After my first visit, I was practically family! — A.K
Dr. Cardone and his staff are doing a great job treating my vein disease. I had lots of questions and continued to have more
questions during my treatment. I know I asked the same question more than once, because I really didn’t understand how all
the procedures and follow up visits worked in regards to my insurance. Staff never made me feel bad about asking questions.
I felt like everyone really cared about my outcome and my experience. Dr. Cordone does a great job and I feel confident with his
expertise. One thing I didn’t realize was how bad the bruising and tenderness would be. Maybe they could have told me. But then,
I imagine it is so different with each patient. But, in the end, it didn’t last very long. After a week, my soreness, bruising and
swelling was much less and almost gone. My legs already feel better. If you are considering have have vein disease treated,
I would highly recommend Dr. Cordone at Vena – The Varicose Vein Institute. — S.R
Dr Cardone has been a HUGE help to me i have been seeing him over 2 years from not wanting to show my legs to now ok
with it is a hudge success ! He’s very knowledgeable and able to explain what’s going on and staff is always friendly! — L.M
Awesome place to be for any service they provide! Super friendly staff, and the services are extremely professional. — K.A

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