iLipo – Helping You to Slim Down Fast and
More Quickly Become the Person that You
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I-Lipo Ultra +

An Intelligent, Non-Invasive
Alternative To Liposuction.

Experience body contouring,
cellulite reduction and skin tightening
-all with no pain, no needles and no down time

If you have ever wished there were a way to get a slimmer waist, a flatter stomach or thinner thighs and buttocks without going under the knife, you’re going to love i-Lipo treatments. This revolutionary liposuction alternative is offered at our Brookfield clinic, just a few miles west of downtown Milwaukee.

The ground-breaking approach to body sculpting and contouring uses lasers stimulate fat cells to secrete fat into bloodstream, where it is then burned as energy through exercise immediately after treatment (about 30 minutes on a treadmill in the clinic’s office is all that’s needed.)

Does i-Lipo Really Work?

In a word, “Yes!” If you do an online search for i-Lipo results, you’ll come across many impressive before and after photos from real people just like you. Many patients see as much as a 4cm loss of body fat per session, although most patients realize the most noticeable losses in their final 2 or 3 treatments. Love handles, muffin tops and cellulite on thighs are all dramatically reduced and sometimes even completely eliminated through i-Lipo therapy. Losses of 15 inches are not uncommon.

Men and Women Benefit from i-Lipo Treatment

While most patients are women, men concerned about those hard to lose “moobs” and belly fat have also enjoyed great results from i-Lipo treatment.

Men are just as concerned about their bodies as women—let’s be honest. Why should women be the majority of people getting cosmetic work done to enhance their looks? They shouldn’t. Men, i-Lipo works for you, too. 

How Does i-Lipo Work?

Plastic pads containing sophisticated cold lasers are placed on the target area. The lasers in the i-Lipo “pads” emit low levels of laser energy, stimulating fat cells in the targeted area to start breaking down stored trigylcerides into fatty acids and glycerol. These products are then transported to tissues and used as energy by working muscles. This is why exercising immediately after an i-Lipo treatment is necessary. The muscles used while exercising avail themselves of the ready supply of fat energy released by the i-Lipo lasers, thereby burning off the fat.

For most people, the hard part about burning fat is getting the cells to release the energy within them. Most people would be willing to do the exercise if they knew the fat cells were going to actually be used up and converted into energy rather than just sit heavy on our haunches as unwanted pounds. i-Lipo does exactly that for you.

Calories, at their most basic, are energy waiting to be burned. i-Lipo releases about 4000 calories of fat energy per session, allowing you to then use that energy during a half hour post-treatment exercise session.

The exercise session is important for two reasons:

  1. The exercise helps to clear the bloodstream of all the glycerol and fatty acids released by treatment.
  2. It creates a positively reinforcing correlation between exercise and fat loss.

i-Lipo Helps Create Healthy Lifestyles

Creating that relationship between how you feel and doing exercise is extremely important for your adoption of a healthy lifestyle. No—you don’t need to create a super strict diet and exercise regimen to aid in the fat loss with i-Lipo treatments. However, the results witnessed from i-Lipo treatment may trigger that positive feeling you’ve needed about yourself to be able to create a healthy lifestyle and actually stick to it.

It’s been reported from multiple people who tell us the treatment gave them the confidence needed to continue exercising and eating healthier. They saw the results from their first 8 sessions, and remembered an enjoyable version of the person they used to be before their metabolisms slowed down. i-Lipo did that for them. It can do the same for you.

Do You Feel Anything During Treatment?

Most patients report feeling nothing more than slight warmth from the laser pads. Unlike conventional surgical approaches to fat reduction, there are no needles or knives involved, no pain, no recovery period, and no down time after treatment. In short, there are no drawbacks whatsoever to i-Lipo treatments.

How Long Is the Treatment?

The i-Lipo treatment plan is typically 8 sessions, which last about an hour each, including exercise time. The treatment schedule is 3x the first week, 3x the second week, and 2x the third week. With i-Lipo, what would ordinarily take about 8 to 10 months of regular exercise can be accomplished in about one month.

Bottom line: Our Milwaukee liposuction alternative i-Lipo treatments are safe, effective and surprisingly affordable.

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N4 W22370 Bluemound Rd,
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