Ruth’s Recommendation

After 25 years of suffering from leg pain, Ruth came to Vena for her varicose vein treatment. Vena treatment relieved her leg  pain.

“I knew that I had had varicose veins for over 25 years and I never did anything about it because I didn’t think it was that serious. What was going on with my legs was they were getting increasingly heavy and aching a little more than usual. Finally one vein actually opened up and started bleeding, and then I knew it was serious. That’s what prompted me to go to Vena.

I think Dr. Cardone’s treatment was excellent and before he did anything he explained everything that was going on and really answered all of my questions. Having the procedure done has made my legs feel a lot lighter and now they don’t ache. I tell people not to wait as long as I did, because I think if you go sooner it’s easier to repair the damage than if you wait. I am very pleased with the results of Vena and the procedures that Dr. Cardone has done. I’d recommend him to anyone and I think he’s just a blessing and a great doctor. I’m so glad I did it!”


N4 W22370 Bluemound Rd, Suite201,Waukesha WI 53188


1239 Corporate Center Dr, Oconomowoc, WI 53066


N4 W22370 Bluemound Rd,
Suite 201,
Waukesha WI 53188 USA 


1239 Corporate Center
Dr. Oconomowoc,WI 53066