Spider Veins and treatment of them using sclerotherapy

Spider veins are more common than you might think. While they aren’t likley to be life threatening, many of our clients prefer the way their legs look once spider veins are treated with sclerotherapy. Here at VENA, our goal is to make sure our patients get the care they needs, and that easily treatable conditions like spider veins are gone for good!

Spider veins can be caused by a number of conditions. While there may be lifestyle factors that contributed to your spider veins, they may just be a result of your genetics. Regardless of their cause, here at VENA, we can remove your spider veins with state of the art sclerotherapy techniques.

Unless you are pregnant, or need to conserve your veins for possible medical uses, we can treat your spider veins on an outpatient basis. Sclerotherapy is a simple process that uses a salt solution to collapse your spider veins, and when they are replaced with scar tissue, they will no longer be visible, or painful.

The entire process is usually done in less than an hour, and there is minimal discomfort. After a day or two your legs will be back to normal, and those spider veins will be gone for good. If you are are interested in learning more about what VENA can do for your quality of life, please give us a call, or contact us via email. There is no time like the present to go in a positive direction!


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N4 W22370 Bluemound Rd,
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Waukesha WI 53188 USA 


1239 Corporate Center
Dr. Oconomowoc,WI 53066